11/10 great shape 🍑, close range super tightleggings at wally

So lately I have this problem…
Where when the target is super
Fine I get greedy and I go away
And can’t stop thinking about it
I literally left the store and cameback
5 mins later cuz I couldn’t
Stop capturing this one.
Idk if it’s good or bad
But you tell me if it was worth it.

Here’s the vid: Videos of Girls in Public


Tough lighting to get a read on her outfit. I get the sense it was one of those that looked amazing in person but didn’t translate through the lens.


Yes exactly is frustrating. But black leggings are always like that. But still I enjoyed the rush and anything after that is a win


clickbait, the quality needs to be better bro


I don’t think so. I have seen worse. Plus at the end y’all decide. If not enough likes it gets erased. Plus if you look at everyone else they are doing it too. But thanks for the input .

Lol plus is black leggings :laughing::joy: those are hard to deal with.

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No the like system is broken, it won’t get removed unless you post at a bad time and no one sees it so don’t worry.
Anyway you could probably edit these photos to increase clarity, decrease shadow and then slightly increase black point that probably would help a lot idk

Sexy shape

Took me like 30 seconds maybe less to enhance her


You are right but I rather shoot then deal with that. Once their in my pocket I can do all that

J’adore la forme de ses hanches

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moi aussi. Je la capturais pendant 30 minutes, je ne pouvais pas m’arrêter.