191 Chasing Two Sexy Latina Bootys In Tight Jeans

Men the movement of this two was crazy, i was lucky to have them both walking close for the shot in a 2 min+ recording



Very nice.

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@Rabo_Lover Gracias! Have to say though the petite has a nice ass, but the taller girl has a better ass and that jiggling is hypnotic and irresistible…but besides them, you accidentally filmed a few other sexy women as well…like one lady in light blue leggings in the last GIF…

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Yess hehe, i’m pretty sure i recorded her inside the bus cause she actually took the same bus that day

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@Rabo_Lover Would that lady be the subject in your next topic, 192? Sometimes bus stop can be a good place to seek those beautiful sexy subjects, but it may give you a headache that whether you can film them all, or you can only film one of them, or you cannot film at all?

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Not sure have to check the files hehe, yes bustops are my thing definitly, i’ve just started in a new job bout a week ago, phone storage was barely enough for all the bootys i was able to film in this bustops

Hmm…“phone storage was barely enough for all the bootys”…my advice is better clear out some space by transferring some or all to a cloud storage device under your control…otherwise if you want to film a certain subject, but you only have 100MB instead of 10GB, then you’ll kick yourself to no end…and what if that subject happens to be the best of all time? …Trust me, you’re not the only one filming at bus stops…I did too, though of course not every time I can film(because sometimes there’re a bunch of dudes behind literally all the people, doing nothing but ogling at women or busting people or this and that)…