2 for 1 Hot Blondes (Leggings and Tight Skirt)

These two beauties gave me a smile when they saw me and their outfits did not disappoint, I prefer the thicker girl in the leggings but that ass hangin out of the others skirt is top quality too, which do you prefer?





Both are great. But I’m going with the skirt one. She got fat ass too but she looks tighter


Damn, what a pair! How lucky you got this 2 for 1 special

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Blonde in the skirt is sexy! thanks

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Wow they are both beautiful thanks for sharing so much.

I would go for the one in the skirt! I love her! Thank you for sharing!

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Nice catch

sheesh, that skirt tho… :cupid: :cupid:


You got a lil cheek on one of them!

Girl in skirt​:fire::fire::fire::fire:

I’ll take two!!
Damn right! Push the boundaries!

I prefer the skirted one ! Thank you for capturing and sharing !

Skirt girl has nicer body, not thicker, but more fit


They are sooooooo sexy !!!

This has to be a mama and her daugh what a fucking catch tho mama got a nice thick ass and other is just stunning her body is amazing her ass to die for !

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This is gold!

Both of them are amazingly sexy in their own different ways

Epic catch

Omg that chick in the skirt. Instant jerk

Monster ass it’ll swallow you whole

My like goes to the skirt, don’t like the other one… Sorry :man_shrugging:t3:

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