2 for 1 Hot Blondes (Leggings and Tight Skirt)

no need to be sorry lol, just preference man! plus it seems like the girl in the skirt was the more popular anyway, def hotter and more fit but I just love a nice thick ass

Haha… Didn’t want to disappoint you for the effort you made… True that, there is plenty of fish swimming in the ocean for everybody to enjoy, if we all eat the same kind of fish it would be a problem :v:t3:

Damn the way she looks at the cam. Yous obviously know each other lol

Omg thanks

That girls ass was peeking through that sexy skirt

They’re both great, but give me the thicky all day please

The one in the skirt is :fire: no need for an uppie, she’s about to do it for you :joy:

:face_with_hand_over_mouth: :kissing_smiling_eyes:

mil veces la miniiiii uuffffff