2 Tight Teen Asses Outside of Marshall’s



Trying to upload the vid but it’s not allowing me to on my iPhone. It gets stuck on the last step when it says “Status: uploaded”, but stays at 0%. Can anyone help me out?

I have the same problem. Tryed to upload some new stuff and it stays at 0… If i upload it again a message appears that the video is uploaded.
Maybe its a new safety measure :thinking:

Wow! My favorite is the girl in the camo leggings with sandals! Thank you for sharing

Are your shooting 4K 60fps? iPhone HEIF formats have a hard time converting sometimes, I downscaled to 4K 30fps, and it started working again. Try taking a screen recording of the video and trying to upload that

Same here.

I’m having no issues anymore since changing to 4k @30fps and photos look waaaaaay better with the HEIC format OFF!

Takes more space but clearer, and 4k is nice already

A higher fps would enable us to see the body more clear if the camera/phone shakes a little.


30fps is what I do too on export/upload. Can’t explain it, but only way it works.
I also started just sending it to computer and doing it that way. Even easier that trying to do it on iPhone.

I used to do all my editing in the computer for TCF, all on iPhone nowadays

I’m shooting 4k at 30fps but when I edit / trim I change the setting to 1080p at 60fps. It saves me tons of space and the quality looks the same, am I doing the right thing?

I don’t see why not. 1080 at 60 looks good even when downsized at upload.