3 Hotties on the Beach (vid)

enjoy :slight_smile:


very good job and top girls :1st_place_medal:

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OUT-FCKIN-STANDING!!! got a sneak peak of the sweet spot… mmmmmn


:wink: you know it

i wonder if the aliens will one day look down on us and be like “thems some dirty mother fckers, my kind of people” or be like “thems some dirty mother fckers, no Zorkess we cant have a d@ughters around them… they will come back with ‘Chattanooga choo choo’ tatts and be knocked up with a litter of one headed babies, yuck” fckem… we got enough strange pussy fckin with our heads (both of them)… who needs more?? i mean, i wouldnt kick it out of bed but im not gonna work for it, that hard… ok well maybe cuz thats gotta be some ‘out of this world’ sex right?? like the type where you gotta look down just to make sure she didnt suck both nuts up through it and to double check that she left a lil skin on it… sorry… dont mind the drunk guy talking shit… just some food for twat… i meant thot… god damn it i mean thought…


That’s some great work! Are you the OP on the other site?

I get the other site, I know the history, I’m looking to line up posts from the web and Twitter is all.


Amazing video! Could watch it for hours lol

Bare pussy at :45

Great work :heart_eyes:

Blonde smoking hot

Love the blonde absolutely amazing!