40% raised for the server bill - site may be back early

Because of server costs, the site will be going down soon. It will be back up in September.

If you would like to keep the site up, the server cost is $100/month. You can donate to the patreon here:


EDIT: We are at about 40% of the way to the needed amount, if we get 3-4 more people to donate $20 we will have enough to pay for the server. But if you just want to donate $5 that also helps.


If the costs are so high for a website, then why don’t you just make a tumblr page or a private subreddit?

Tumblr has tiny limits on video size, and this forum is already vastly superior to a subreddit. Plus I don’t feel like building a new sub/tumblr anyway since I can switch the video server back on in a month.


Should I wait until it’s back up to donate, or go ahead now? If it’ll potentially help it get back up sooner, I’m good with now. I’ve still got hundreds of pages to cover… :grin:

If we raise $100 for this months server bill, within like 2-3 days then I can just turn the server back on after paying the bill. Otherwise they’ll wipe the server and it will take a few days to re-download all the videos to a fresh server next month.

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Just tossed $20 into the pot, hoping some others will follow suit… Love the site, and can’t wait until it’s back! :wink:

As soon as we can get 4 more people to pledge $20 we can get the site back up.


So far, we’re at about 40% of the way to the $100 needed for the server bill.

If we can get 3 more $20 donations that will pay for the server bill.


how about now?

We’re at $27/month raised. When I said we were at 40%, it was because I was talking to a guy who said he was going to donate an extra $20, but he never did. Maybe he forgot.

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@admin Hey, I was wondering… Is there any way to postpone my donation benefits until the site is actually back up? I didn’t even think about the fact that the month after my donation, the site will be down, so I won’t get to use the extra views and such… And the donation can go towards getting the server back up in September, since we didn’t quite get there for August… Just wondering if you have control over that. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Yes, I can set your account limit to have 2x the normal view/download limit for the month of September to make sure you get all your benefits.

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just donated on patreon, please set my account to be able to download vids :slight_smile:

Noted, @patopeixe when the site is back up your account will have premium limits.

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what’s the site running on that makes the cost so high? you should be able to set up a serverless site to bring costs down

Thanks for the good chuckle, @kufay. Yeah, no. A serverless architecture would be about 10x more expensive if I used Amazon AWS for example.

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September is here!

Has the site begun to restart?

Yes. Looking at purchasing a backend server today for hosting the videos. Will take around a week to get set up.

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Not using the same server as before?