A Perfect Ass


Faptastic Post my friend, thank you very much for that nutbuster :slight_smile:
What a great hanging ass.
Thank you.

for some reason this girl checks every box for me, love that ass


Very nice… yum. Thanks!

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Perfect face too


Cute chick!

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Just posted in Vid section.

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The face is soooo pretty, and the ass is a perfect match. That dude doesn’t realize how good he has it.

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What a stunner - your title doesn’t lie - her ass is just so perfect in those spandex shorts. She is so cute too - pretty face and sexy ass - a killer combination. Thanks for sharing this gorgeous babe with us. He is a lucky boy - I hope he takes good care of her.

Oh, she has a nice peach. and nice face too

Damn incredible ass!

Great caps! I hope they bought her some new shoes, though. :sweat_smile:

Yes, I like this ass.

Find a girl with an ass like that, that looks at you the way she’s looking at him and put a ring on it.

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now this is fire!! unlike these other obese girls ppl post, good shit

She’s cute and nice body too!