About Latinas

Just hit the tight jeans section clicked “new” and every subject in those posts was a latina lol, i was wondering, if you’re not in south america obviously, how common is for you to see a latina?, when you’re shooting and there’s multiple possible targets how often you go for the latina if there’s one cause she looks hotter?, and lastly when you see one, how often do you have to record her cause she looks too hot ?


i live in the SF bay area and i get all nationalities, and i’m not picky who i cap on, just whoever is showing nice ass and i would say, percentage wise, it’s the latinas that’s got the ass and loves to show it in yoga pants or leggings. it’s just a numbers game


Just seems like it’s more prominent in the areas I guess. But I prefer to jerk to the big ol black booties!!! Or a super fake bbl! :drooling_face:

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Even in some Midwest cities, you’ll see latinas everywhere

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