Absolute Perfect Jiggly Apple EATING Her Pattern Leggings PT-2!


I would love to work there :yum:

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Sorry for any duplicates guys, had a hard/confusing time uploading


Dam she fits those nicely

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I bet the video shows some nice jiggles

Please more and frontal shots, as I can see she’s braless… :wink:

That is sooo sexy

MY goodness this is awsome don’t know how you get any work done around there


There is no way I could pull out of a juicy booty like this until I have gone deep deep deep for impregnation. Thanks

Fantastic close ups!

I LOVE those typa pants, especially on an ass like hers! I got my girl some of those (to wear AROUND THE HOUSE for ME) and she says she feels butt nekkid from the waist down while she’s wearing em. So now when I see girls out in public wearing those, I know they must feel butt nekkid too! :joy: Anyway, helluva catch bro!

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Holy we need the video ASAP


No video ?!

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ass for days

Sorry no vid yet. Working on it.

Lol working on it. The vid isn’t much, just her standing there, you see a little jiggle time to time, but it’s tough to follow in a work setting.

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Preciate brotha

All good just need to know if she’s hot :joy:

I hope to be continued :relaxed:
I am jealous
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