Account suspended

Look we all make mistakes. My account recently was suspended over some vulgar comments I made. + I already had two strikes from previous mistakes of not reading the rules.
Is there any way I can have my other account unsuspended? I understand if not, just thought I’d try and ask. Much appreciated and also if my account stays suspended will the account eventually be deleted. If so, I want to save my pictures from the account.

In my eyes and from what I’ve seen here it should’ve been excepted :man_shrugging: But I mean I was talking about how slutty some chick looked and that she was begging for to be filled. But again. I’ve literally seen comments like this reign with likes and replies :man_shrugging:

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Sucks to suck bro dont be an idiot i guess


^ i gotta agree with buddy. seems you were being ignorant even after your multiple strikes. some mod just recently made a post specifically saying dont do shit like this in it. its also in the rules gang :sob: because others do it doesnt mean you should, dont think i gotta tell you this now but just in case, keep it to yourself


Thank god they’re finally cracking down on this. I feel for you tho… I do see others get by unpunished.