Almost a truly great candid - spandex short fit booty - VIDS ARE UP - work best slowed down to .5 speed

Sooooo much regret here. Wasnt close for most of the shoot, then when i was, I was so nervous of other ppl getting sus on me (tho I had a background recorder on) that I missed wjat could have been awesome footage, and more nervousness led to me getting maybe only 20 secs of good footage. I know she caught me, cause once she turned around and probably felt my nervousness, then later after I had followed her up the stairs, she was nice and waited for me, held the door open and glanced down at my erect dick, didn’t say anything tho. I should have got footage inside, but again, nervousness. God I’m so fuckin pissed y’all. These pics are ok, but the cut vid uploaded later will show yall what I missed out on :( hope you enjoy what I got !! Vids now up, Videos of Girls in Public and Videos of Girls in Public

Screenshot_20201117-145251_Video Player|243x500

Screenshot_20201117-145359_Video Player


I highly recommend some upstairs creeps. Specifically in widely used stairs with solid walls so there’s only 2 locations people can see your phone: from the front and behind. You can hide device with your body while recording forward and up.

I would say this would be your best bet of getting high quality creeps with minimal risk. I’ve recorded dozens of college booties from distances as close as half an inch before, and never got caught.(vr 180 camera with fish eye lenses)

Edit: great catch


do you fr think its good? i mean her ass is fuckin w o w but still, i should have had more :frowning:

Not the best of shots, but she has a great ass. Takes practice to take flawless creeps.

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@Lizzy what do you think of this?

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Another great subject!! The lighting is always the hardest thing to deal with. The shots are there, just refining only👍

nice job ofc there will be nervousness then once you adapt and understand angles and comfort space you’ll be able to close

@Noname744 this is one of them, I’ve uploaded the vid on here too

Happens all the time, I can’t say enough how many times this happens to me and it sucks. There is always more chances for great shots! Don’t let this take you down but just a reminder that you can improve and do better.