Amazing gym days this week

Video reels from this week


This is insane bro you’re the fucking king dude lol so much gym ass


Sheeesh man unreal!

Perfect fit ass

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unreal work my friend. some TRUE dimes you captured. Do you mind sharing technique? I normally just put my phone on record and set it in my bag.

Tbh it’s not rocket science, anyone can do it, stay calm, no eye contact, pretend you’re listening to music and if you have to drum with one hand. You got to really sell it or don’t move at all. Turn brightness of phone all the way down and on silent… press record through the side button if you have iPhone. Make sure FLASh is off! So they don’t know you’re recording. sure to practice your aim. Simple as that @Justin_Spear again check for flash, it’s the doubletap zombieland rule, double check for flash as a safety precaution.