Another one PAWG at Costco. She knows I capped her. 2 Phat asses in 1 cap

Fucking A that is a thick mommy if I haven’t seen one!

Yes she thick! <3

I have tons more :grimacing:

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Thanks i appreciate it. Got tons keep an eye out.


She’s gonna need more than 2 hands to cover that thing up :joy: Nice post thanks!

What a BABEEEE good god if you have more of that white pawg im gonna lose it aha

wow great caps

Keep showing your work brotha :sunglasses::camera:

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Amazing ass in those levis :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

When are you gonna release them? Cant wait!

Wow. Your local Costco is LIT. That’s the second one you found that works there, if it’s the same location. This one is a nice ass. I like this one more than the other you posted but they’re both really nice and look so good in jeans. I like this one’s body type. Great job capping her, and like with the other I hope you can get more of her in the future. I would love to see more of this one.

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The one in green… :drooling_face:

Thank you for capturing and sharing !

Thanks for all the love and support. I got more but im being restricted from site. So all my hard work might need to be moved to somewhere else. I appreciate your consistent support.


No problem, thanks for your contributions to the community, looking forward to seeing more from you.