Any candids you’re scared of posting?

I was wondering if there are any candids you guys haven’t posted because you’re worried about getting caught or any other situation? I know I have some candids that I would love to post but I’m kind of paranoid to post them.


Just blur out any faces major landmarks companies etc. You will be fine my friend sometimes we over think things…you should be fine following those guidelines.

I’m a paranoid pussy sooo pretty much all my new shit.

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Love to post pics of my wife just for the thrill of it but no booty shots


Yes I have over 500 I’m kind of scared to post. I know it’s not illegal but just seems to be a grey area so I’m just waiting months and months before leaking any


I’d like to think this site is secure and owners would never co operate with law enforcement. Ie IP addresses or emails etc. So wouldn’t worry too much. Maybe a little encouragement and reassurance from the site owners might make people post more confidently?? :blush:

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Imagine there’s snitches here in the forum :eyes:
That Will be terrific

It would be hard for a snitch to do anything really after all there’s nothing illegal on this site. Just don’t post anything that could seriously identify you. If there in public and you don’t go under dresses etc you will be safe.

shut up retard, dont do anything illegal and you won’t get in trouble. dont @ me.


yeah i have pictures of my sister and im not that much scared but idk if should post them or not. there could always be a chance that it still somehow gets back to her. (although the chances are only like 0.1% or something lol)


Post em!!! Even kinkier if she does see them.


Hell yeah!!! Keep her face out of it, and share the love!!

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