Anyone cap near St. Louis

Hello I’m looking to see if anyone cpas near St. Louis area let me know

Whats up with all the location requests as of late?


Fed Bois tryna catch idiots i believe


Sooo is this site legal or no? :sweat_smile: I mean what we’re doing isn’t really illegal right? It’s not illegal to take someone’s picture without consent. And hell my thought process works like if I’m taking a picture or video of a business and a fine ass happens to walk thru the shot, then I could always claim I was trying to photograph the building/car/whatever it may be.

either that or someone looking for a circle jerk lol

imagine they meet up and he gets arrested right after for battery :sob:


What gets posted on this site is all perfectly legal as it is what the eye can see.

What is illegal are going up someone’s dress/skirt and capturing as that is invasion of privacy.

Some can argue that what is posted here is invasion, however, these are captures from the public eye just as any other camera when you are going down the street or mall.

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