Anyone else feel the same?

I thought I was done with this place, I asked for my old login to be deleted, I deleted all the videos and pics I’d had on my PC, I threw away my flip wallet that I used for shooting with my iphone, and I resolved to myself that “hey, the girls are people too and I shouldn’t be doing this anymore”

So how did I spend the last few days?

Created a new login here. Went to the mall and purchased another flip wallet. Spent like 4 hours today hunting for ass all over town. Filmed a Lululemon store assistant while making up some bullshit to get her up close. Back on it 100%

Why are candids so good…? Is voyeurism in my dna…? I think about candid cunt all the time… Perhaps I just need to accept it! Anyone else feel the same?


Are we gonna get to see this store assistant? lol


Honestly, I’m addicted, feel like a degenerate, and starting to worry.

Worry because I’ve never been intimate with a woman before. Have just been jerking off to videos and pics of girls for many, many years.

I’m really worried that I’m permanently fucked. The woman’s ass is just too strong a force for me to resist.

Will I even be able to get married? I really don’t know.

I know one thing… I won’t be able to quit any time soon…


I think it’s gonna be hard to get the same rush from a vanilla relationship as from candids, but I know some on here have partners and take candids as a ‘side project’ so to speak


Hey man, take this as a sign from a fellow user - take a break from candids. Find ways to occupy your time that keep you from reaching for your dick.

You owe it to yourself to enjoy other experiences in life, like being with a woman, and improving your own physical/mental health.

Don’t spend another 10 years doing the same thing and wondering how it could have been different. Explore and meet people.


Yes, and remember you don’t need to close off avenues completely. You can totally be interested in all sorts of stuff at the same time - candids, plus a girl of your own, why not?. Don’t let shame get in the way - it’s all part of a rich tapestry and we should own what turns us on.


Also let me just say what an honor it is to have Mr @betab00ty in my post lol

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I had a hiatus of 3 years, idk why i did that dumb shit. Missed so many asses and its when your trying to stop you seemed to get teased with the best. My solution, I dont go and try to get caps like I used to, but more, if an Ass comes to me, shit I’m capping that ass.


Yeah this is wisdom – the best asses come to you when you’re just going about your business. The moral is to ‘be ready’

Honestly the number of times I’ve jumped off a bus cos I’ve seen something cute in the street. Just gotta keep eyes open


I think it’s just who we are at this point bro. I lost a gf because I was addicted to porn and now this man. I quit after that for two years and then Covid hit and went back to porn and now I got into candid. I know I will quit one day again but the time will come. Good luck on your journey bro


I completely agree, first of all the focus should be on personal and professional growth, don’t do this to supply something you don’t have, if there is any reason or meaning in what I’m going to say, the voyeur can add or adapt it to a developed social life, and not the other way around…

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You too man - hard sometimes to balance healthy fun with going too deep into it

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What is a flip wallet is the question? We have all done it and now think damn I should have kept them.

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Something like this. With iphone you can’t easily film with the screen off so something like this with a door on the front so noone can see lets you shoot with confidence


I’ve had like 5 of these lol

I feel you brother, I try to enjoy time with my family when we are out and about but theres always that one hot bae thats comes around the corner wearing some skimpy outfit and my brains go Candid Mode. I try to snap out of it and 80% of the time I stop and tell myself enjoy your family and stop being a perv…lol it works most of the time. I dont go out and spent time purposely looking for caps. I go out and do a normal life but if an opportunity arises Im taking it, 90% of my captures are just doing a normal thing, going to work, stop at gas station or restaurant.


Actually the best caps on here are from natural situations like coming across a girl in a supermarket or something. I think it’s a good policy.

Although I also like spending an afternoon out hunting when I have the opportunity!


I honestly feel like the same I almost lost my gf multiple times because I’m in to this stuff. I tried to stop but that ass just looks too good not too look!

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Just a red blooded male! Probably don’t tell your gf if she’s not feeling it…?

Theres a been a few times when I would walk out of a fast food place or restaurant docs office etc…and as I get in my car a parade of hot Milf come Marching in. Im like “really! You’ll wait till I get out to come marching in” to myself in a loud voice…lol