Anyone else feel this way?

I think a nice tight ass in tight jeans with vpl is way better than lulu or spandex. I dont even bother with lulus when im trying to get captures. Most of the time they are black and too dark to cap anyways. Jeans are just classic and will always be best. HOWEVER… grey spandex shorts are INSANELY hot.


I like them both but i agree dark colors ruin the shot


I can see where you are coming from. Check out my pregnant milf post ! Gray leggings hehe

Yeah I agree. A woman’s ass looks much better in jeans. I also think that the back pockets help enhance the look.


I completely agree, but i think of preferences like music. My favorite genre is hiphop, but somedays i’ll listen to classic rock or pop, maybe some classical if i’m in the mood.

My point is an ass is an ass


I would disagree. Jeans do their part. But leggings, even if black, enhance the looks of a girl’s hips and ass. Plus they give her extra jiggle. This works best however on busty and chubby babes. As for the shot quality, it’s all about the lighting.

And to me, it’s also location - location - location. The more natural and casual the environment the better. That’s why gyms are a total turnoff to me.


So weird that you say that because gym candids do nothing for me. Its cause the setting doesnt seem casual or something. I wanna see that ass in the wild!!


Agree totally about gym candids. I find them boring. I don’t deny the hotness but it seems too sanitised, too easy. You know full well if you turn up to a gym you’re going to see women dressed with not much on but it’s like a closed environment.

To me, a woman showing off her body to the general public is a lot more exciting. That’s more like an expression of her personality rather than an outfit used for a specific task.

That said, I prefer spandex to jeans because you see more :joy:


I’m agree, seems like your watching an Instagram.

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I completely agree , I find jeans more attractive than spandex and leggings ( especially the black ones ) except for black jeans as they don’t don’t show the details of the booty when filmed , I believe both blue and grey jeans are the best of all .
To be honest though , black leggings are amazing when filmed in sunny weather.

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Yeah, also prefer jeans ALOT more, speaking of which check this out… Tight jeans VPL i took :wink: (More on my profile)



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Tight leggings, spandex. lulus make their ass jiggle that’s only if they have a really good shape and very noticeable. Also and when they have a shirt only on or a small sweater. It also applies to the Tight Jeans when they wear it. I like them when they are outdoors in the day or at any store with great lighting

I disagree Because if you had s22 ultra you would see great improvement in the quality of black leggings candids. Also pro shooters know how to capture them and they are still amazing

Completely disagree. But that’s just me

I got to say, jeans are one of my least favorite. I personally like deep wedgies (which aren’t impossible with jeans but rare) or ass cheeks hanging out of shorts. Not to say I haven’t seen some nice asses wearing jeans, I’d just almost never shoot them. I’m accepting of all favors though, I like seeing no matter what. Everybody has their preferences

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Spandex doesnt lie to you

I dont mind leggings hate lulus though instant turn off

What?? thats crazy talk! nah but i get where you’re coming from

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