Anyone have the vid for this?

I remember finding these in the old Twitter days. Before my account got banned I saved these pics from a post. I know there’s a video somewhere!

Uploading: 8759975F-7D62-4DA8-BE71-E6D20FE2BBBD.png… Uploading: 0BCAF093-6DA8-48B0-B59D-5E06EB65DE5B.png… Uploading: B793F581-6AAC-4F0A-9650-9A24E339ECB8.png…


Sure, have to find it betwe en all


I got the vid, appears to be 1080 maybe scaled up, 8mins long - I’ll look. I just came across that recently!

Here it is


You the a real one


Well this OneDrive account was locked by MS. Guess I’m not discrete enough. Just after a MEGA was closed out too. The above link was only pasted here and nothing else was shared but MS detected some bad usage or whatever.

As the time of this comment, 53 people have clicked on the link. I have other OneDrives with way more than 50 clicks and no suspicious activity.

Is there any way to still see the video?

It’s a few comments up!

That is some good work… she has a perfect ass like to :crazy_face:

so , it’s there any risk in the account when you put the content to share in public???


Sorry I missed this. You mean OneDrive?
I’d say yeah! I’ve had one taken down in under 30days and shared one link!! Link to this vid!!

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I came to her

easiest searchable video. there is still a version on youtube


That ass is unreal