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Hey guys,

Just wanted to drop a quick post about some apps for phone that I use and to see if anyone knows of better alternatives.

Background Video Recorder (BVR) & BVR 2, or Secret Video Recorder

These are the ones I’ve heard of, I’m currently using BVR 2 and its pretty good, my only complaint is that I cant record in 4k even though my phone is capable.

These apps essentially turn the camera on without actually opening the camera app. So you can browse facebook, watch videos etc while recording. They will also continue recording even when the screen is turned off and phone is locked so its really easy to get good shots without drawing any attention.

Would be interested to know if anyone has used these and knows of a better alternative


When I record with my phone I usually just use a phone cover which covers the screen and/or pull up the menu whilst recording so that it won’t show the camera screen.

SC-OS3 has been the best I’ve come across on Android, and I’ve tried just about everything else.

[ Android store link ]


have not used them…MDVR is what i think is a good 1…still getting used to it…available in app store or was …was made to change it slightly/less evasive unable to mute sounds etc…didnt affect it much…options for hide clip…change app icon…remove ph sounds…so far only used mine to catch the asshole rippin shit off from my place …saves data being motion activated and wil run non stop on constant move…quality of ph comes into play and unlocked android seems to b the go cos you can fk with it as much as u want compared to iphone and crap like that…i only have an lg-g4 or sumthin like that…thought the lg had superior camera yet there are others that can handle black leggings well and thtas sumthin my lg poops its pants with…then again if i actually used 1 of the 10 odd paid for cam apps i have one of them surely would b good at low light in good light situations

I use QuickShoot Pro from Cydia. It lets you record video or shoot photos without opening the camera app and you can even lock your phone while recording.

Anyone knows of one that can record at 60 fps?

60FPS is the tough one. If there was an app like SC-OS that did 60FPS it would immediately be the best there is. But for now, if I want to do 60FPS, I just turn down the brightness and record video through the native video app on the phone. That’s usually enough to keep the screen invisible in daylight conditions, and you can use the volume button to start/stop recording.

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Too bad there’s no such app yet. Thanks for replying