Asian in spandex shorts

Probably add them to this thread - either try to edit the original and add more images, or just reply with more pics


So Ik that 60fps is best. But is HD or 4K better?

4K is better. The files are bigger so they take longer to transfer but that’s a price we’re all happy to pay

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Should be taking better caps with this advice, thank you.

Btw do u just hold ur phone in ur hand? I’m trying to find the best way to take caps

That’s a question that gets asked often - personally I hold in my hand. But those gym shots you might be able to find a place leaning against some equipment. It’s something you need to practice and work out what’s best. But holding your phone by your waist is a good position

You might also want to get one of these, so you can hold the phone while it’s recording without worrying about touching the screen.

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I use a classic OtterBox with my pixel. From my hip the external buttons turn the camera on/off. I just move my hip to correct orientation.