Ass in scrubs: First Post

I’ve been into candida for about a year now but haven’t shot any of my own until today. With that being said, let me know if you have any advice on getting better shots and not getting caught.

Enjoy these pics I got of my coworker with a fat ass. Her face is insanely hot too and she flirts all the time.


She has a really cute ass. I’m imagining what she changes into after work - hopefully tight jeans or leggings! Maybe you get to see that too?! Thanks for sharing with us, and a very warm welcome to the forum.


I love good scub pics! When a woman has a full ass with tight scrubs on……it’s awesome!

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Sheeesh great cap! Would love to see her face

Definitely a fan of aZz in scrubs.

Amazing first caps!! Thanks for sharing this fine ass with us!

Coworker content already puts you in hero tier, regardless of the girl we’re talking about. Now you brought us the best piece of ass I’ve seen in these types of environments. Thank you tenfold.

great ass. Love me some bacon!

If you’re gonna record always record in 4k 60fps
I used to record 1080p and it always was hard to get good screenshots out of the vids I took

Best of luck to ya :100: