Bad day at the park

lol… i laid off the lil word play puns awhile back… not everyone sees the humor in them… i guess i had to RETIRE… like that old joke, on our first anniversary id buy her nee tires cuz 365 used rubbers would make it a goodyear with her… she better lose that ATTIRE cuz im wanting to lay rubber and leave tread marks all up on it… i could keep going but im tired and that ones not even a pun… lol…

She didn’t know i was taking pics. Lol

If you all want to see more pics of her that day let me know.


This is like in my japanese porn animes!

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Ya please we wabt more of thise pics mr assman!

Holy hell, great pics of her. That stuck in the tire photo is just awesome!

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Yes please


More of that ass bouncing around


fucking hell, that was a creepers dream moment

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You can defenitely tell this is an old creeper. Look at the nose in thr shado


Fuck I would eat that right there for hours I’d tear those shorts off right there

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The situation is both comedic and hot as hell. Excellent additions!

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