Beautiful College Blonde with Amazing Ass VTL in Black Leggings 🤤





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Wow she’s sexy, what a body!

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I still have the video but I’m not sure whats the best way to post it. MEGA is not a good way to post video links anymore tbh.


Great catch

Thank you! Well I did some editing to make the photos brighter so thats why they look better.:grin:

Nice… how did you do it? I’m always curious with the way people shoot their videos. Do you just hold your phone low or is it in a bag etc? I wonder how you get under the cheek shots.

Looking forward to your reply, Thanks.

I just hold my phone upside down (vertically) and then rotate the video later in the editing process. I used to hold it sideways (horizontally) but holding it upside down looks less suspicious and you can get face shots and full body captures easier.

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Wow, I can’t believe I have never thought of holding my phone upside down lol. It does obviously seem a lot less suspicious Do you black out the screen when recording so it doesn’t look like it’s recording?

Yes I use a black out screen dimmer app! It is very useful for sure.:grin:

Wow useful, nothing like that on iphone i think

Wooow! The most beautiful ass i have seen here. Hope you upload the video for us all…

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Been doing that for years… solid pro move

Mega video is still a good way in my opinion:)

One of the best I’ve seen drop the video be a bro. I got some I’ll upload soon myself

You should post it on

Omg ur the best
Thank you
U said u was going to upload video ?

My MEGA account got suspended so I can’t use MEGA anymore unfortunately.