Beautiful jeans x2


I remember that first chick! Quite a few shotz with thong on display. The second chick is new to me


2nd chick?? this is the same chick in all pics isnt it??

Lol I don’t see it.

:fist: :sweat_drops: :smiley:


lol… you said you remember the first chick… its my bad actually… same color shirt threw me way off… damn… i didnt realize my foot tasted so bad… haha…


i soooo want to delete my reply to you @Lizzy lol… im a man that can admit he fcked up though… that shirt color is so uncommon that it just clicked in my noggin that it meant same chick… lol…

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damnn nice whaletail

Very well.

Great captures

WOW! So good!!

She learnt by heart the definition of the word “candid” !! Pure babe with perfect back perfect ass without any defect ! She apply exactly the definition of this word and she knows that for sure !
Good job guy !!

Is this OC? Cuz that would mean you got some serious content! There is a watermark on the originals…

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That’s the same thing i was wondering if this truly was OC or not. Basing it off your comment, style of pic, and because I’ve seen it else where reshared

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Perfect shape