Best cake in the bakery!

Visiting family and they asked me to pick up dessert when I arrived. Never been so happy to run that errand. Have a couple of more caps to roll out from that trip that I’ll try to do over the next few days.


nice ass

Wow - those buns are looking so delicious. Was it a bakery? I didn’t notice any cakes - only buns! Those leggings are so sexy and she has a very fit figure and great legs, and did I mention that ass?! Really good looking babe too. Great caps - thanks for sharing with us.

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Id pump some more cream in those juicy ass cakes.

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Very nice ass & cute face


Damn :peach::clap:t3:

What a body

Nice phat ass and thick legs. Also love the front shots. Great caps bro

How was she?
I mean you just stated you went to pick up a Dessert, she looks like a delicious dessert herself :drooling_face::grin:
Amazibg cap my friend, what a hottie she is. Thank you so much.

Very well executed cap! Couldn’t have asked for more, except her number.