Best equipment for being up and close at the beach?

I have a Lumix FZ82 which is fantastic for all the superzoom/long distance shooting but what if you were on say quite a crowded beach with other sunbathers etc and you wanted shots of people to the sides of you for example and they are really close to you? Straight forward targets should be easy enough as you just pretend to be on a phone playing a game whilst you have a spy cam app open.

-Is shooting with a camera too dodgy considering their size or do you use a special bag to conceal? Is a phone the best bet? My cam has an articulated screen so i can point to the sides and record which minimises suspicion but obviously if people are close they see the camera is pointed at them.
-Using the old ‘recording video on phone whilst pretending to be on a call’ is ok but obviously you’re never too sure the angle is 100% right and you can’t control the zoom etc. Plus pretending to have a conversation is actually really difficult lol!
-Periscope lens that turn 45 degrees for phones. A good idea perhaps? I’ve only recently heard of these. Mini Detachable Magnetic Periscope Lens Mobile Phone Lens For iPhone | eBay

Here is a link to a video where the guy is filming a beach vid but i’ve not idea what equipment he’s using and he seems pretty successful until the very end >>>

Anybody have experience with this? I think it’s easily the most tricky situation to master but i haven’t had the courage to try it yet!

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