Best file storage app to hide pics?

Hi guys

where do you guys store all the content you shoot on your phone? I don’t want someone in my family to accidentally go thru my deleted album and find all my stuff. And I want to segregate my non hobby stuff (like gdrive or Onedrive) with my original creep shot content . I used to use IDrive dedicated to backing up all my creep shots but their app sucks now and compresses all my videos.

Thanks in advance

Google will drop quality, OneDrive doesn’t.
Paid version of Google I’m not sure.
I use a network backup, I started with a simple MyCloud that does the auto backup like Google. Sat in a corner in the house. I’ve since upgraded several times but use several of them for backups over families house. They get their own shares space and I get mine, share what we like. I’m in control so it’s all good

Amazon will also drop quality now

Google Photos, Mega

Media Fire