Best places you go to get caps?

What are some good companies or establishments that a lot of girls walk around so I can get more easier caps? Any answer is great!!


Literally anywhere and everywhere


Starbucks and any fast fashion clothing shop.

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I work there so I never cap but Walmart Supercenters near a University. So many sorority girls in lulu.

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Airport baggage claim, constant ppl going by and no one pays attention except to their bags


agree airports are great. chicks are dressed in yoga pants ready for a long flight. what you need is a place where there’s a long line/queue so you they don’t move around much. Airports definitely have slow long lines for everything from food places to baggage claim to just waiting to board an airplane.

food festivals i’m sure are the best, long lines at each food vendor


Coffee shops and supermarkets work for me. Less risk for me



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Trader Joe’s has to be number #1 spot for ass or maybe i just got lucky i went for the first time the other day everywhere u look there’s ass in yoga pants. Too many people around or i would’ve capped one girl with her boyfriend shiny see through blue leggings on nice jiggle when she walked she crouched down to look at something bright red thong showing through

Pools and amusememt parks are always great.

Waterparks if you are near one are gold mines.

Honestly as bad as this sounds… churches. Especially bigger ones have a fair amount of leggings and big ol titties.



If you are mexican like me then go to the market or flea market in the US.

Preferably places where shopping and socializing is upkept, with lighting being a strong factor. Crowded outdoor malls, theme parks and swap meets/festivals give you the most amount of people under excellent sunlight…everywhere else you may be challenged by blur and limited lighting.

it’s not really about the location it’s the weather, time of day, time of the year, that really determines how people are going to be dressed and outside

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Hot Springs.
Also the most dangerous.

Absolutely true. Airports are gold mines for hot girls in leggings! They let you get so close and you can take virtually any angles you want. :drooling_face: But the key is to be there by yourself preferably on business - it’s hardly possible otherwise if you’re a family man.

Waterparks, carwashes and gyms duh. Next question?