Big booty nice shape Ebony vpl

would’ve wanted to get more of her but she was zooming out of the mall. I had to speed walk to keep up with her but it was a nice view.

Let me know what you guys think of her!



You made the best of it…I just it’s soft as Cottonelle

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Nice cap……she seemed in a rush……but you got some great shots. Another fine booty :+1:

Good GAWD that big beautful ass must be so warm and smell so good that soft material. Just want my hands all over it burying my face and deep sniffing her through that material all day.


Mmmm supple!!

Really good cap ! I Love her overall shape, her outfit looks soft, as she walk her ass jiggles ! I would love if you uploaded the vid !
Congrats on the cap, keep them coming

What a godess !!