Blonde ass at the creek

You gotta love summer, I live by the beach most of the year but the mountains and creeks can have their sights too. I took a date down to the water and caught a couple candids…we found some chic topless at the bottom, but I couldn’t get it in time! Here’s a couple of the more flattering ones. Let me know what you think!!! Don’t be shy!


Candids while on a date :rofl::rofl: excellent

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Great photos! How did the date go tho

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She’s got such a sexy juicy body

I hope you got to hang out the back of her too, not just hang out at the creek

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Great ass! Looks like fun! Thanks for posting

We gotta know did you get lucky?

It went well…She might’ve let me play with that

Put my dog right in the middle of her buns bro :sunglasses:

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I hope that means you got laid and not just foreplay

Yummy afffff

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What would you have done man?

Talk about the universe

Nice thicc and juicy bubble.

I need to apply her sunscreen

Damn the shit I would have done lol