Blonde maroon yoga perfect ass at TJ (video)

Oh man, spotted this beautiful perfectly shaped ass at my usual Trader joe run. Had to follow her around the store just to get some good footage. Love the blond yoga pants too- really highlights her ass well. Like and Enjoy the near 3 min video.

video link:


Holy shmokes… this post is fuckin legendary!

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wow! this blonde ass is AMAZING!!!

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Certified nut buster

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I love this, she normal looking woman. Bet she love sucking cock and the taste of cum.

S tier thorough inspection of a sexy pawg milf :drooling_face::drooling_face:

Beautiful mature gringa…Mmm :heart_eyes:

This is such a great piece of work man,thanks for the quality post. this will be in my collage collection. awesome face shot and angles.

Awesome post of a very hot chick. i agree a sexy, not overdone ass. one of my fav’s.