Blonde pawg in grey spandex shorts

You can tell its full of flavor :peach:


Delicious af

One of the best I’ve ever seen

I feel like sometimes caps like these are even better than fully nude, since the shorts are paper thin anyway and the elastic is getting that ass just right and tight.


Oh my god. What a phat, soft and wise ass


That ass and vtl are incredible!!

Great ass! Really beautifully shaped! Just those socks and sandals are an eye sore!!! But definitely going to :sweat_drops: to this later!

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Definitely. And just realised you can see her thong under those shorts lol. Makes it even better viewing

Definition of PAWG, thanks the motivation to go out and shoot :+1:.

Damn, those are some thick, heavy, saddle bag ass cheeks… like Emilia Clarke. Love it

The “So much to discover” ad on the bus describes it very much … :rofl:

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Yeah that’s true lol :sweat_smile:

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What an ass!


Great work, thanks!

You have my vote!!! 10/10

Probably THE definition of a pawg without shadow of a doubt

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OMG I’m in love with that booty!

Yep she had the whole package

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