Blonde strips and bends over at the pool

I was out for a solid two hours without a single prospect, which is funny because when I’m with my wife there is ass EVERYWHERE. Then comes this blonde with her ass hanging out. The only downside was my camera was smudged with a little water so everything turned out a little hazy, but I’m certainly not complaining!



I think that haze makes that ass glisten more. Great capture.

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Bonus pics of this light skin lesbian


Jesús brotha these asses are killing me ! My arm killing me :sweat:


Loving the whore show. Those hips are made for grabbing.

Think I need to jump in that pool to calm myself down !

Nice one, long live summer :hot_face:

I wish there was some way to show these bitches they’re on the internet for everyone to jerk off to

Way to go, man… so ultra hot.

Damn and you see that all the time??

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Great shots!

Sweet mix and angles wish she layed down flat the other way first

Bruhhhhhh that white girl has the perfect ass. I’d be at the pool everyday if she lived in my complex

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Absolutely amazing ass😍

She is hot :fire: If you see the hot blonde again, make sure to get more booty pics!! She looks all tanned so she probably is at the pool a lot.

Damn man! There be some sexy females at that pool!! Makes me miss the community pool we had at our apartment.