Blonde teen pulled up her shirt showing the whole store her amazing thigh gap ! (Video)

Damn great :+1:

Usually theyll wear them when 1 they like the way it makes there butt look " but cant say that to them cause its weird" lmao… 2 they know it looks good an want to see how far there teasing can get them… Then guys are frowned apond cause we like it talk about double standers lol… Dont dress like that then … Its okay for you to lead men on cause you know they want to jerk or get with you so you tease them an make them spend money on you, take you places and thats okay … But if we take a pic of you for latter thats illegal and can get arrested for candid pics … Lol f that guys have it harder sometimes and noone sees it

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Oh my gahd thtas so good

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cute girl and great ass,. nice post