Blonde Waitress With Nice Ass in Khaki Pants (First Time Using Front Camera)

This is my first time using the front facing camera and it didn’t turn out too bad! The quality won’t be quite as good as the back camera but it definitely makes you look less suspicious when shooting candids.


Very clear for front facing, impressed actually LOL
That would take me some real Gerri g used to

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That’s a very nice ass and she is also very pretty. I would quite like to give her a facial.

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My god her ass is ripping the fabric


That ass deserves its own tips jar :hot_face: :sweat_drops:


Way less suspicious when some of us have 3+ camera lenses on the back and it still works fine. Nice tightly wrapped figure and pretty looking face

Omg that’s perfection. Can you imagine bending her over the table and grabbing her hips and going for the win. Damn that’s nice.