Blonde White Women with A BBL Returns!

(Shes from my first post: Blonde White woman with a BBL(?) in Safeway)

I went over to Safeway today to get some cards for my mother and my grandma while also keeping an eye out for some booty to cap when suddenly I spotted her again!

I couldnt help myself and got a little bolder with capping her this time and she CLEARLY knew what i was doing since she kept making faces at the camera and me but she didnt say a word.

I do have aome video but im mad becasue one of the best shots got fucked up becasue the zoom on my phone was wrong! I was right up against that fat bbl of hers too! IllI’ll post the vid after i edit it down a bit, also i have some other shots of different women but ill post thoae in a separate topic.

I made sure to edit the leggings in Lightroom so that you could get a better view of that ass.


I know, when i looked back at the vid it had me dying :rofl:

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Nice post
Congratulations, she’s deserves that vid

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Nice white milf that hasn’t been lucky in a year needs some tonight.

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Wow dude insane! Thanks for sharing. Would love to see the vid.

Video of the clips i got. I’ll definitely try my best to make sure the zoom isn’t as bad as this time and make sure its zoomed out enough to capture better


I’m sure you she gets followed all the time! Seeing you multiple times and in the parking lot creeped her out a bit I’m sure. Its too late for her, but if you see another one like that speak to her. Hey beautiful and keep it moving, seewhat happens.


As much as i would love to do that I gotta get my confidence up a bit and work on my looks a bit before I try and pull something like that :sweat_smile:

I highly doubt any woman like that would want to receive a compliment and strike a conversation with a big dude like me.

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The fact that she has a bbl makes it so hot lol she looks like a soccer mom who loves being a hoe

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Just go with the flow some woman ill talk to to ease tne atamophere others ill just be silent with her you dont need to hit on her even small talk about whatever she seems like the type to conversate