Blondie and two asian girls strip down to bikinis (pt 1) [062]

Got so many pics, it was hard to narrow it down even this much. Asian white top was very sus, but that made it more fun. :grin:

[Edit] adding a poll, just because it’s fun and it’s Friday.

  • More of these girls, putting on sunscreen?
  • Nope, that was enough.

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Amazing shots, great quality!


Wow. What fantastic catches!! I loved the blonde

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That blonde has an AMAZING body, great work!

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Video of them undressing?? Great content, love the variety :slight_smile:

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Sorry, no video! I usually just do photos, like here. Glad you like them though :slightly_smiling_face:

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Uh, exactly. So if possible, I try to find somewhere to sit :wink:

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More of blondie

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OK, I posted the rest of the set, enjoy :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, just for fun, a couple of Ms. White Top Asian getting suspicious:

And I just liked this - important to tug that top down for coverage right before before… undressing. :person_shrugging:


nice candid action

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The way the blond bends over is absolute perfection!

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It was an enjoyable shoot :slight_smile: