Blue booty shorts creeped out

I was hoping to come across a some nice ass this one time. Not really the type of ass I go for, but I had no luck that day. So I settled for this lol. I know some of you will enjoy.


How is this not your kind of ass?


or perhaps: in what capacity is this ass the wrong type? :joy:

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Nice shorts and shots…I think most will enjoy

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She was real suspicious of you


Milf :drooling_face:

her face creeps me out-


Yeah this is the level of suspicion where I’d be horrified looking back at the footage :see_no_evil:


She was showing lots of cheek, Bubbly enough to stretch those loose shorts. Thats My kind of ASS. Imagine she wore something tighter, Damn. :peach::fire::hot_face:

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I like a fat/ big ass. Like the ones I post.

That’s why it’s one of my least fav :joy:

Checked your post history. You do indeed have good taste

Damn she was really on to you, did she say anything to you?

All she said was “do you want to pass “ lol

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Damn that ass really nice

even your worst ones are good lol

Well it’s the type I go for :laughing:

Which is a super polite way of saying “f*ck off” :joy: