Blue spandex shorts teen ass, perfect booty w VTL at gym

Here’s the video of this beauty, all blue spandex lovers enjoy!




Good shots dude!



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Workout fail! LOL
Got some great shotz tho :+1::+1:

Lol thanks! What’s the fail?

very good shots

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Amazing shit man

Oh snap! Spandex material so thin it’s like they’re painted on her. You can literally see her naked. LOL

What an amazing slut. :peach::eyes::heart_eyes::eggplant::sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops:

Yes basically naked, had no idea either. Hopefully more of her soon

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Wow most of comment not there…
Your workout was a fail!
It’s so difficult tho, I usually hit the gym hard - no phone

Holy fuck she is hot

She’s gorgeous and that ass is spankable. Thanks for the great shots & video.

She sure is, kinda got caught, she saw me looking at a video of her but she continued to stick that ass out

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They don’t dress like that for comfort, they dress like that to be noticed. Some women will act with righteous indignation when they catch you looking, but she probably thought it was hot.


Thanks again for gym shots!
Just missing @Bleebang and @johnmartin
Check out their content :muscle:

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Oh yeah I’ve ran through their shit, amazing stuff

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In case you missed it new comers!


100000% my type! Thank you, standing O :clap::clap:

:fist: :sweat_drops: