Brown Haired Nerd with Nice Boobs in Crop Top


Wow! She is cute! :heart_eyes: i fucking adore chicks with glasses

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She reminds me of Velma from Scooby-Doo haha


Linda Cardellini as Velma cemented my love for nerdy girls


Oh yes! :heart:

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Cute and curvy the tattoos seem a little out of place and confusing how they show up and dissapear must be using mirror camera some in the mix

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Damn! I love the little belly she has on her :heart_eyes:

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I used a bit of my front camera and back camera so that may be the reason why her tattoos and stuff may be flipped around.

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Her ass wasn’t that great but heres a couple of pics.


I was goi g crazy their for a minute like that tat was just there…

Fantastic boob shots!

She is great! Great shots!

Damn! Sure, her ass is not her best quality but she just bent over right in front of you! How could have kept these from us! LOL

Such a cutie.