Brunette and Blonde Suntanning Part 1

Driving down the main road , when i see one PAWG ass and a petite brunette ass!! Pe Im like which one do i choose :thinking: ill takw both down! What do yall think ? Blonde or Brunnette? Let me know. Enjoy! ( Part 2 cause i got too much)



Great thong display :hot_face: Good catch!

Gods work

Nice long distance catch

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blonde has thicker ass

Got damnn! On all fours … she gave you a show!

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Damn bro fucking hot shitter

What did you use to capture these shots?

Always love the feet shots in these poses

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Brunette, 100%. Blonde is just fat.

Great work.

Yummy! Absolutely delicious! Thank you!!! Any video by chance?

thanks for sharing