Brunette shop worker with bubble ass in jeans




Weird shape but def attractive

Love how petite and innocent she looks

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Fr a very odd shape but still attractuve

Here is a bonus link of her standing up straight from the last cap: https ://

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It definitely is a bubble. Come on she deserves some respect for her assets lol. I really think I’m quite unique in what turns me on. Don’t go out my way to film many candids but this ass did the trick for me

Like I said before, I went out my way to film this ass. I don’t go out to record anymore unless it’s something that really does it for me, which is quite specific. It seems others find the shape of her ass unusual, but I just don’t understand how this is not a bubble? The crease line below the ass cheeks makes it stick out just like that. Once again, I feel if others don’t appreciate my opportunistic filming, then it really is unique what turns me on. We all have different preferences I guess

In fact I’ve actually recorded this girl 3 times now. She speaks with an accent, maybe polish… and perhaps that explains the shape of her ass? Lol. Interestingly if she was in spandex I wouldn’t of filmed her, it’s something about jeans specifically which turn me on in the sense of her clenching her ass or standing up straight. Follow behinds do nothing for me which again makes me unique in this candid world

heard you the first time my man

Whatever. I just wish people would be more appreciative that I went out my way to capture this great ass