Busted by Asian beauty in short skirt and short shorts (video)

2 very pretty asians ( filipinas). One with short skirt and one with short shorts showing off some very pretty legs. She busted me and saw my phone filming away at her a couple of times and gave me suspicious look. Love her pretty RBF

short video:


The legs on shorts :heart_eyes:


For miles…


Skirt was like really close to starting shit…but was like nah…fuck it…

Hottest Asian family I’ve seen lol

@voyjoy, I don’t know if this is your video or not, but I think two of those bitches might have been recording you. They were pointing their phones directly at you, and knowing that most bitches have iPhones, I heard that modern iPhones have this technology that allows you to record while the camera app is not open. So watch out.

oh man the look that she gave you is so sexy

The girl in the jean shorts saves the post; the skirt looked so b*tchy, I almost skipped the rest. Great pivot by the shooter.

You’re at a voyeur site playing lawyer? I called them bitches merely because of their gender, nothing more than that. You know how many times people aren’t with their kids and they still put their phones to record? Kids have zero to do with me calling them bitches. No one even brought kids or parenting up until you did.

How the fuck did you even bring defensiveness into this?


@voyjoy as I said in the posts, you’ve been doing a great job and fast became my favorite poster on here. Keep up the good work.

great shots but yeah i prob wouldn’t go into that store for a bit. they were def filming you too. hope they don’t out you on social media. i’ve seen that happen a lot where i live. there are specific groups on facebook for that kind of shit

thanks for the warning/heads up. I actually didn’t really notice the counter-recording happening. I hope that’s not what’s happening. But i’m certain she gave me the stink eye a couple of times. I jetted out of there pretty quick and won’t be back for months.

A lot of people say “busted” when a subject casually glances at their bag/phone — It’s a very normal thing to look at whats in others hands. I do it a lot.

But, in this case my friend, that stink eye she gave was some solid proof hahaha

Oh my… came across this post again and just felt to comment, as i only liked it last time.
You catched them nicely my friend, the jeans shorts chick is a banger very sensual, the one in jeans is an absolute cutie and they have beautiful hairs too… i like it. My personal favourite is the one with the resting bitch face… her face expression alone makes me jizz all over absolute stunner she is. She reminds me on sort of domina or something or the bad and strict teacher… well fantasizing a lot :-)
Great asian collection my friend, very well done.

Good shit dude

Thanks for the nice reply and feedback! I’ll
Keep posting more for sure!

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