Can’t stop creeping

Hey everyone idk where else to ask so i’ll ask here
i been wanting to stop creepshotting for a while now, i have a good job and a great girlfriend but can’t help but creep every time i see a nice ass at work or a chick wearing something slutty i just can’t control it, does anyone have any tips or anything that can help me?


You’re not going to stop :joy:


If your trying to stop this aint the place lol


Keep on Creeping on. We need you, and you need it too. Its the call of the wild!


you never get rid of hobbies like this, you just replace how often you participate in em.


Jesus or drugs. You don’t have that many options.


When you’re trying to quit drinking, don’t visit the liquor store. :grin:


I lost a great girl because of this hobby. She had a feeling I was hiding something. The lesson I learned is that once I meet another girl then STOP. Delete all content from your phone. Because if she’s smart then she will sense that you’re hiding something like my ex did and she went through my phone and seen this shit


I’d say just quit tbh

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It’s good you’ve learned your lesson, you realised you F’d up and you’ve grown as a person, I commend you for that


Thanks man

Just let it flow!!! It’s your nature to be a voyeur, like the rest of us!!! Welcome to hell!!!

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As others have said, probably best you pack it in and a shame to lose you from here. All I would say is that before you go, perhaps you could upload some candid pics of your girlfriend’s ass that you take in public. I definitely be happy to bust one out to her. Look upon it as a farewell gift to us all. Hope that helps.


Look at it this way. Your not harming anyone, there’s people out there with way worst hobbies lol


If you’re serious about it, you do it one day at a time. First, get off this site - it’s like asking how to quit alcohol at Oktoberfest.

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It’s hard to quit, even after a year of doing your best the slightest bit of juicy ass or insane cleavage can spark the urge to creep again. I started taking creep shots in HS and now I’m an adult who’s struggled with it 10+ years. It’s an addiction, just like alcohol and drugs, we live in an age where just trying to get groceries can quickly turn into a perverts dream. You may even feel out of control at times, consumed with adrenaline, willing to do whatever it takes to get a shot even if it leads to a bust. When not getting the right shot fills you with regret. You have to have a lot of will power and control cause when you start shooting, after so long it becomes all you’ll think about most times when you’re out in town or on vacation. I struggle nearly everywhere I go, at times you see something so tempting you can’t help but to try to catch on camera. The best thing to try and do is cut cold turkey, delete everything, don’t look up candids anymore. Distract your mind and tell yourself otherwise. Put the energy to creep into your job and love life. As hard as that may be for some, myself included. I’ve had to learn to just moderate, take a break here and there and not make it so much of a priority even if you’re right next to a fine piece of ass waiting in line. It’s so easy to give in but the more you do the harder it’ll be to ever stop. We all live a secret life and have to hide a lot just to feel normal. I agree it would be nice to quit for good but unfortunately after time and time I end up back to taking creepshots. I also agree there’s worst things out there than just taking pictures of women. However you look at it unfortunately, it’s hard to justify this kinda hobby and addiction. If you have a lot to lose just do your best to quit and end everything, probably won’t find much help here but I get it, not like there’s anywhere else to seek guidance or ask questions. This should be considered a safe place for many of us who are just alike. Carrying the struggle to quit or beyond the thought and living with it day to day, still upholding a regular life too. Normal people would call you a creep and just think you’re the worst kind of monster no matter what you say or do, even family or your loved one, a lot of us are left alone to deal with the urge whether to do so or not on our own, but I hope the best for you on your battle to quit.


This was very touching…


I got caught up with my girl too :joy:

Might be time for me to stop and put my energy into other things

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Honestly from me to you there’s a way that stopped me from doing it or at least cut back on it exponentially, but considering your case it would not end well but once I got caught and the word started going around I gave the life up for a few years and went cold turkey. But since you got things to lose I really don’t know what to tell you other than just appreciate what’s put on here and try and cutback on it or at least risky shots :saluting_face:

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Only way youll ever stop creeping is by going completely blind. No way a man can not look at a woman regarding of how she is dressed, if she is attractive we will look. Best advise i can give you is to go old sckool and get a phone without a camera or tape the camara on your phone .