Can’t stop creeping

This seems to be trending… I think I need to gather all the threads and make a post for everyone going through this to find easier.

Just know, you arent the only one.


Downgrade your phone to an Old Nokia or similar. I’m not kidding.


Search for God. I am only here once in a while but don’t idolize it nor let it control your life. Pray , pray, pray and keep yourself busy reading the word and with the people you love. Go work out. Improve yourself physically and mentally. Make it your goal to have a six pack. Once you have other goals and you are working towards them, you will slowly step away from this addiction.



That’s no fun.

My Advice, treat it like a hobby; set your priorities and maintain that relationship. That sex drive should all go to her and if you’re falling short, she’ll get it somewhere else. If you’re attention is elsewhere, she’ll get it somewhere else.

Women know when we’re acting weird with them in public, so best to not even try there with them. If the candids are truly worth keeping, then save them secretly.

If you’re afraid she’ll find your candids (and she will if she suspects something) remove everything from your phone/ computer and transfer them to an external hard drive. If you have anything that’s easy accessible, forget it, it’s only a matter of time.

Compliment her ass and say you want a picture. Worse case she finds your candids, she’ll treat it as a weird fetish of yours. She’ll get mad but won’t leave you.

If you’re really happy, obsess over your gf rather than other women. Try taking candids of her and see where that leads you. I like these type of discussions, this is what the forum is for and more.


I feel you man, just make sure you put your priorities in place. I wouldn’t want your relationship with your gf to end because of candids. This hobby isn’t worth effecting your life in a negative way. Just be careful and I wish you the best bro.


Delete all accounts associated with candid shooting. If you’re really serious about it, limiting your exposure to it often times is the right step forward. In regards to seeing a phat ass in public you just have to fight that urge, going into places with a clear objective in mind and sticking to completing it may help as well.

Best of luck.

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Hide it better

You could of had mega app it’s 20gb to start and save everything on there and sign out bro.

I agree with you… thats how I am in my situation… i try to limit doing it around her to not get caught and i found myself getting excited when i would creep on her… most of my shots are kept in hidden folders but for sure have had some close calls over the years. Make it so nothing shows up in your gallery, there are many ways to do it and just remember theres a line…

Very well put :ok_hand:

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Great it like an addiction and find ways to stop it.


Treat it like a hobby and replace it with another. I’d advise something g physical


Well, technical reality will catch you. With today’s phones it’s almost impossible not to get something good out of it. :sweat_smile: Might have worked 10 years ago to think that.

Never stop anything for a female. There’s guys I know that the day they’re officially in a relationship they’re all “I have to stop looking, stop drinking, stop this stop that”. It’s dumb. They’re not gonna quit any of the things they do and there’s plenty of fish in the sea. That’s a really goofy way to live. Unless the woman and you share your lifespan I remember it being your life and no one has the right to just come into it and control it.

Guys need to stop being simps. No way should any one have the right to go through your phone. That’s insecure loser shit. She don’t trust you then she’s not the one for you. And if you love something you should not quit because of some chick that’s been in your life for a month.

Creep till I die

@candidman69 I know exactly what you’re saying and how it feels. You could not have said it better. I too often times struggle with the guilt from doing this. I swear when I was at the springs last week I’m telling you I was like a man possessed. To the point where I didn’t even care if people saw me filming. Just because there was so much ass everywhere. I know if I’m going to try and quit I need to stay clear of those types of places. Crazy how many of us shooters struggle with the same emotions and thoughts. Lastly your 100% correct it is an addiction. For me it’s one that just started out of nowhere over 10+ years ago.

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I can’t even go to the beach anymore. Even if I wasn’t creeping there’s just too much ass that I can’t enjoy anything else there :joy:


To me, guilt is not the right word. It’s more like I feel taking too much time out of work and out of my family to do this sometimes, so I do miss out on valuable quality time. The thing of creeping itself, no problem. If time was infinite, I’d never stop looking for ass. Girls don’t mind deep within, they have a reason for dressing like this - they want attention and I will provide just that. Without doing any harm that is.

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