Can we get some nice birkenstock feet in here?

I LOVE feet in a nice set of birkenstocks, don’t get me wrong not everyone loves feet. But sometimes we gotta appreciate the nice ones on some of these girls. If anyone has any post em up! Would love to see them


Nice to know that I’m not the only one who loves feet in Birkenstocks!

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Tbh I dont think I could point out a Birkenstock. Besides, I’m from a beach area, thongs all day! Least fabric ‘round my toes allowed. We cackle at the knee highs and Nikes :laughing:
…white socks/black shoes :laughing:

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Yes please!

This isn’t a feet fetish site though. :man_shrugging:t2:

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Feet fetish site or not, some people enjoy it. Definitely should be a section for it for those who like that sort of thing

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LOL that is so specific. I actually have some in a hard drive a chick that was wearing some. Stay tuned I will post them when I have the time as my drive is in a hidden vault LOL


Definitely post em up

i think feet are fckin disgusting honestly… i dont need to see her feet, especially when she needs to be on her knees… hell there are too many other body parts that draw my attention and for me to even think about diverting my eyes is ASSanine especially if that ass a nine… that is literally the only body part that gets zero tongue play from me… id lick a chicks eye ball before her feet… for me, the only time feet are ok to look at is when they are behind her ears and even then my focus is elsewhere… feet do look good when her panties are on top of them though…


@fckinitup very well said

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I do not have feet fetish but these chicks happened to have been wearing your niche turn on, enjoy you horny bastard


Fuckin legend!

You’re the man! Thanks for sharing

Still not looking at the feet tho LOL