Carwash Cappin' 21


Whats your technique here? Seems like it would be so obvious that youre holding your phone and not cleaning, especially with cars on both sides of you

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So :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:

sexy vpl

She’s definitely mixed.
Love her VPL​:drooling_face::heart_eyes:

She’s cute

@sparky16 What’s up man? I have 5% tints in the rear windows and 20% in the front. I turn the screen brightness down just about as far as it goes for anyone on the opposite side of the car from whomever I’m cappin’. While taking the video with one hand I use a brightly colored towel with the other. If they look over(which doesn’t actually happen all that much) they see me cleaning my dash or whatever. As far as parking goes, everyone starts cleaning their own cars on the drivers side, so I will park on the opposite side and wait for them to make it around so that I dont spook them. I also park one stall away and set my zoom to 4.2 magnification. That seems to work best for framing. I have tried a lot of different ways to make it work and I for sure have a set of rules I stick to.


Always amazing. Thanks.

Fabulous cap, Sexy girl.

Lovely shots :heart_eyes:

Yoooo… DM me your cappin techniques!!


If you saw my setup you would probably laugh lol