Cheeks OUT little to the imagination short shorts 🍑

This is one of my old and favourite quarantine caps I saw her in shorts and thought I would grab a nice little shot not thinking I’d get anything as her shorts you can see when she stands straight doesn’t show much and by the grace of the candid gods I saw her bend over I rushed over to get a cap. Her shorts were short or high up enough to expose those nice petite cheeks and gave everyone a view of what underwear she had on (the pink looked hot on her) I don’t think she realized half her ass was exposed but my heart was pumping I rushed in line behind her to get a face shot as I feel like they complete these pictures but unfortunately since this was pandemic time she had a face mask but nonetheless got nice front view of her


Ngl pandemic capping was the best time for me. I deleted all my caps of that time cause I thought my girl would’ve caught me lol good shit bro. You saw the opportunity and jumped on it. Also glad you got frontal shots … too many pussies scared of getting that frontal action


Really Nice! Thank you!

Greta cap! These are the best kind of shots that sneak peek :face_with_peeking_eye: :eyes:

I always come around such nice caps when out with the girl haha but pandemic was something else for sure

They have to know that some of their goods are easily viewable

No way that is so fuckin hot

No problem bro!