Cheetah print phatty

So as I walk the mall I see this Phat Ass Ebony in her Cheetah print leggings it had caught my eye by surprise. So as she is walking with her friend I do what I do best and gradually get a closer look and start recording, I was all up on it even when she had got in the store she had noticed I was on that phat ass of hers but still let me do me she even teased me when I walked passed her and said “Excuse me” she put her hand on her ass and softly rubbed it as I went by. I got some really close shots, angles, and face shot so at this point she’s out of the store about to leave the mall, as she goes up the escalator she catches me red handed and you can see in the preview she turns while on the escalator and looks back at the camera she still doesn’t care what a good phat ass slut loving the attention so she lets me rock out I continue to get some good ass shots as we walk out the mall her friend notices I’m recording her friends ass and stops walking I’m still behind the phat ass ebony as she’s walking and her friend watching me get all up in her friends phat ass I didn’t care one bit. So her friend calls her name and she turns around and the friend tells her what I’m doing, the phat ass ebony asks me “You following me” while laughing so I laughed and said “Nah I just like what I see” had to keep it P so her friend walks to the car as we chop it up and you know me I got her # and went about my day.


And she don’t look mad at cha LOL


Goat cap…saw the vid :sweat_drops:

JFC! You lucky mofo, good for you…

“I like what I see” Pusha P!!